About Lindsey Stone

Lindsey StoneA dedicated human services professional based in Massachusetts, Lindsey Stone has several years of experience working with adults, teens, and children with developmental and learning disabilities, particularly autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In her present role, Lindsey Stone assists children and young adults with ASD through therapy sessions in their homes. She has also worked in clinical settings with adults and children of various levels of ability.

Lindsey Stone began her career in human services when she left the retail industry to work for May Institute, a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with ASD and other learning and developmental disorders, as well as people with brain injuries and mental illness. Working first as a program specialist and later as a senior program specialist, Stone was responsible for developing individual service plans (ISPs) for her clients and documenting their progress, and for assisting clients with personal care and nutrition, skill development, and community integration. She also trained classroom staff members in the implementation of ISP objectives. Her commitment to and enthusiasm for her work were apparent: she earned the Staff of the Month award several times, and she also received recognition from the Cape & Islands Citizen Advisory Board of the state Department of Developmental Services.

Following her time at May Institute, Stone gained further experience by working for a non-profit independent living community as a case manager. There, she continued to focus on individual skill development for clients with a wide range of learning and intellectual disabilities. Her responsibilities included developing ISP objectives, participating in ISP meetings, and documenting clients’ progress in weekly case notes. She also taught clients a number of essential life skills, including money management and budgeting, household maintenance, basic hygiene, food preparation, and community orientation. Beyond these responsibilities, Stone took advantage of other opportunities to assist with special activities for community residents and was recognized for her participation in the community’s Special Olympics event.

Currently, Lindsey Stone works with a group of board-certified behavioral analysts (BCBAs) to provide care, support, and training for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders. Frequently, children with ASD exhibit behavior problems that arise from their frustration at their inability to clearly communicate their needs and wants. Together with her colleagues, Stone works to provide these young people with the verbal skills they need to express themselves effectively. Employing applied behavior analysis (ABA) and applied verbal behavior (AVB) techniques during one-on-one, in-home training sessions, Stone helps her young clients improve their vocabulary and learn the meaning and value of words. To ensure continuity of instruction and long-term success, families and caregivers are also deeply involved in the process. Stone provides regular training and consultation for families so they can help their child continue to learn and develop skills outside of the therapeutic sessions.

Beyond her professional activities, Lindsey Stone is currently pursuing a psychology degree at Cape Cod Community College. She previously studied at Clark University.

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