New Firm Leverages the Unique Skills of ASD Adults for the IT Sector

People on the autism spectrum in Calgary, Canada, may soon be making a valuable place for themselves in the information technology sector, thanks to a pilot project presently underway in the city.

The project is spearheaded by Meticulon, a unique consulting firm that currently receives funding from Autism Calgary and the Sinneave Family Foundation. The Meticulon model of operation focuses on recruiting and training individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and placing them with client companies on a contractual basis. The company thus acts as an intermediary, helping individuals with ASD to expand their skills and increase their access to employment opportunities, and facilitating the experience for clients by providing support and resources to encourage the integration of employees with ASD into each client company’s workplace. Meticulon primarily operates in the IT industry, in fields like software development, but it is also expanding to other sectors such as banking.

The idea behind Meticulon is that, although individuals with ASD have character traits that may create challenges for them in daily life, many of those same traits are in fact desirable qualities in IT employees. A great deal of IT work requires extreme attention to detail and the ability to stay highly attentive during repetitive tasks, for example, which happen to be two of the most commonly displayed characteristics of people with ASD.

As far as both employees and employers are concerned, the launch of Meticulon could not have been more timely. Not only are unemployment levels for adults with ASD on the rise, but Canadian employers are facing significant recruitment challenges in order to fill the 106,000 IT positions that Canada’s Western Economic Diversification office estimates the country will need in 2016. Meticulon’s work, therefore, has the potential to help both parties. If you’re interested, has more information.